Here are some useful links…

(Note: this page is often updated as and when I remember things!)


Forums are a great place to talk to fellow modellers, learn new techniques and generally enjoy the hobby – there two are my favourite. Feel free to join and drop me a line, my forum name in both is ‘stuart‘ (obviously).

Scale Plastic Aircraft Modeler – A great forum this, it’s very small but there are some truly amazing and skilled modellers on there that post regularly. What stands it apart is that all are welcome, and the help and support for those with questions is awesome.

Unofficial Airfix Modellers Forum – A great all inclusive forum where anything and everything is built, and all modellers of any skill set are made to feel welcome.

Websites: Scale Models  – Jon is a great guy and an awesome model builder who, although now concentrates mainly on Gundam and Sci-fi, has build most subjects over the years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. If you have a Spitfire Question – Jon’s the man to ask. His website (and youtube channel) had loads of hints and tips and other useful stuff.

Online modelling Suppliers:

Hannants – A great site this, they sell everything (well… Everything modelling related). A great source for aftermarket and decals.

King kit – If you’re looking for a kit old or new, King kit will have it.

Airfix – Airfix’s own site if you want that latest and greatest Airfix kit. Maybe not the cheapest but you can pre-order their new releases if you’re after something specific.


Hataka  – Bar far my favourite paints – if you’re reading guys and want to sponsor me…

Humbrol – I’m not overly fond of their acrylics, but Humbrol enamels are awesome and like their brushes and weathering powders.

Citadel  – Mainly developed for Games Workshop (very cool), Citadel paints are really good for brush painting and they have some great colours for detail work. I also like their washes and use them regularly.

…And don’t forget Amazon and ebay, some great deals and most modelling items can be found on both (it’s a must if you like old kits).