Airfix 1/72 Blackburn S.2C

Greetings Fellow Modellers! I recently completed Airfix's new tooling (2019) of Blackburn's famous naval strike aircraft, the Buccaneer. This kit really was a step forward from the old Airfix kits that I've built in the past, the detail is superbly done, the fit and engineering (mostly) well thought out and the mould quality top notch… Continue reading Airfix 1/72 Blackburn S.2C

Matchbox 1/76 Humber mk.II

Greetings Fellow Modellers! I recently finished a fabulous little classic kit - a 1/76 Humber Scout Car mk.II. Dating from 1973, this is one of the range of decent armour kits produced by Matchbox in the 70's and 80's. I'm not much of an armour builder, but the uamf have been holding a group build… Continue reading Matchbox 1/76 Humber mk.II