Hello and welcome to my work bench!

…a place where I like to relax and enjoy this wonderful, challenging, engaging and sometimes totally infuriating hobby that we call ‘Scale Modelling’.


I think of myself as your average, bog standard, every day modeller. After doinf this for 10 years I’d like to think I knowhow to put a model together to a decent standard (I hope), but I’m certainly not one of those Uber-modellers you see on the interweb – those guys are artists.

I enjoy most genres although I mostly build aircraft. I do like older ‘classic’ kits as well as nice newly tooled ones. I’m not massively into accuracy and I don’t care if the wingspan of my Fairey Fruitbat mk.I is 0.25mm under scale, because I doubt I’d know if it was anyway. I just like to open a kit, dig out the contents, enjoy the nostalgia and get building.

I’m a proud paintbrush user and my weathering skills would never be considered artistic, but I’m learning all the time and modelling just like any other hobby is a journey…

…Most of all though it should be FUN!

I hope you enjoy your visit here, please do leave a comment or suggestion if you have any as I’d love to hear them.


Stuart Templeton