Matchbox 1/76 Humber mk.II

Greetings Fellow Modellers!

I recently finished a fabulous little classic kit – a 1/76 Humber Scout Car mk.II. Dating from 1973, this is one of the range of decent armour kits produced by Matchbox in the 70’s and 80’s.


I’m not much of an armour builder, but the uamf have been holding a group build in memory of one of our fellow members, Steve, an avid military vehicle modeller, who passed away suddenly earlier in the year.

These old Matchbox kits are perfect for someone who wants to have a go at this particular branch of modelling, low parts count, great fit, simple construction and they look pretty good when finished.

The model was painted with old fashioned Humbrol Enamels, and the base (which comes as part of the kit) was flocked with sand from the Citadel range. Normally I would have drilled out the barrel but this one was so small I left it how it was.


A bit of post paint weathering was carried out with some Citadel washes and some Humbrol ‘sand’ weathering powder dry brushed over the model.


I painted the base under the ‘shell crater’ black so that is showed through the sand a darker shade, hoping that it would show signs of an explosion – I think it worked.


I really enjoyed building this kit and I can see some more Matchbox Armour builds hitting the bench in the future.

I hope I did my fellow modeller proud,ย R.I.P Steve.

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